loop's story


Our Philosophy

Loop Collection was founded in 2010 by two knit designers from Brooklyn NY, who often wondered why life couldn’t be about loving what you do, making beautiful things, and being nice!! They believed wholeheartedly that what goes around comes around. Out of this philosophy Loop Collection was born.

Our Style

Our collection is inspired by vintage looks and quality, when well made and well worn garments were the rule and not the exception.  We put a lot of love and care into creating cool clothes for little people.

Our Substance

Our styles may be reminiscent of yesteryear but our company addresses contemporary concerns. Each garment is proudly knit and assembled in the U.S.A. This means we work with manufacturers directly; supporting local industry and forming partnerships that assure quality and efficiency. All of our materials, from our yarn to our wood buttons, to our packaging and labels, are responsibly and domestically manufactured. We knit with recycled cotton, which eliminates harsh chemical dyeing processes, reduces land use for crops and in turn the need for fertilizers and pesticides. Sustainability is our passion and continues to be our focus!